Welcome to Bring Mae Flowers!

I’m Mae.  I’m wife to my big love, Babe, and mommy to my two little loves, Bubba & Birdie.  More about them another day.

I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons.  The first of which is that I like to write.  The best way to describe how my brain works is to say that it thinks in words.  Now I know every human’s brain does this, but let me attempt to explain.  Some people are visual learners, some artists describe being able to think in music/beats/pictures/etc.  For  me, I feel like words and essays are constantly running through my mind.  In college it would always thrill me to find out that a final exam was going to be an in-class essay.  I knew that even if I’d fallen asleep during most of the lectures, if given an hour to pound out an essay I could write (read:  B.S.) my way to an ‘A’ grade without a problem.  In addition to that, an increasing number of people have encouraged me to write a blog over the years.  My husband was the first.  Back when blogging was becoming popular, he had a co-worker who began blogging about her family life and he thought I should do it too.  I did like the idea, but I was too overwhelmed at that point in motherhood to try to figure out HOW to blog.  Since joining Facebook a few years back, I have received messages from so many telling me I should start a blog.  So, it’s been brewing for a while now.

I haven’t a fully formed plan as to what Bring Mae Flowers will include, but I imagine most of it will be filled with musings about my life and thoughts.  I may bore you with stories about my husband and kids because, well, because they ARE my world in this chapter of my life.  I imagine there will be some funny stories about ways I’ve screwed up as a parent.  I hope to write about some of my successes as a mother as well.  I will probably complain.  I plan to discuss the victories and defeats of my quest to make my family as healthy as possible.  I will use too many exclamation points.  I will probably type blog entries while simultaneously laughing/crying and hope to express myself well enough that when you read them you’ll find yourself doing the same.

My hope is to gain a readership of fellow mothers.  What I’ve discovered over the years thus far under my mommy belt is that most of us mommies are all just trying to achieve the same thing.  We want to raise good-hearted children into good-hearted adults, but we want the road from here to there to be just a little bit smoother.  We want to know that other moms mess up.  We want to steal good ideas from other moms.  We would also take a little bathroom privacy now and again, but I won’t lie, Bring Mae Flowers isn’t going to be able to help you with that one.  😉

I sincerely hope you’ll join me on my new adventure.  I hope you’ll comment.  I hope something will resonate with you one day so that you might share it with a friend.  And I especially hope you’ll let me know if you find any grammatical errors.  (No really, I do!)

I’m sending this out into the world with love,



7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I promise to let you know if I see any grammatical errors-it drives me nuts when I go back through my posts and find an error! Can’t wait to learn some tips! 🙂

  2. Love it! Interesting to be on the far side of motherhood now. Those wants for your family never change, no matter how old the kids are.

  3. I also wanted to add that I love how this first post exemplifies your blog name – how the hard stuff in your life (your ‘April Showers’) have certainly allowed Mae to arrive in full bloom. Love it.

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