New Year’s Resolutions

I just love New Year’s resolutions. I really do. I love hearing what my friends are choosing to focus on each year. I think it’s such a great thing- deciding to try something new or make a change. Sure a person can make a decision like that any day of the year, but since most folks do it around this holiday, I always take full advantage of asking people about them. I think it’s so FUN!

In the past I’ve has resolutions in a wide range of topics. I’ve also had results in a wide range as well. Ha ha ha!

Off the top of my head, here are some of my past resolutions I can remember:
1. Flossing my teeth each night – I did pretty well… only missed a couple of nights!
2. Training for a full marathon – I did it! Yay!
3. Taking my make up off and washing my face each night before bed – I failed within days!
4. Cooking one brand new recipe per week for a year – I majorly failed.
5. There are plenty more but I can’t remember them – that’s probably because I didn’t succeed at keeping them!

My goal for this year is to take better care of myself in terms of rest. I do a good job with my exercise and nutrition, but WAY too often find myself staying awake until the wee hours doing this or that around the house. So this year I’m going to focus on correcting that. If I’m out and about doing something fun – that’s different. But if I’m at home just “getting stuff done”, there’s no reason I need to be staying up until midnight. The projects will all still be there in the morning. I’m aiming for a “drop dead time” of 10:30pm to start walking up the stairs. I figure it takes a while for me to brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. so if I get the process started at 10:30 I should be asleep by 11pm.

Here’s to a well-rested 2013!

And with that, I’m heading up to bed. And for the record, it’s only 10:17pm, so that means I’m a star student so far this year! Ha!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I would love to hear them… it’s one of my most favorite things!

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