Improving My Calcium

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post, today’s post is about how I have done one simple thing to improve my calcium intake.  I start the morning off by pouring myself one 8 ounce glass of milk.  I don’t necessarily drink it right then and there though…

(A little background fact:  Women my age are supposed to have about 1000mg of calcium per day.  A glass of milk, serving of cheese, serving of quality yogurt, … those will all have about 300mg.  But lots of other unassuming foods have calcium in them – like broccoli, almonds, quinoa, spinach, etc.  I always thought calcium only came in the form of dairy products so I was so surprised when I discovered this!)

Back to my daily calcium trick:  How do I know this is eight ounces?  Because when I started doing this, I actually got out my liquid measuring cup, poured the milk into it, and then found which of my drinking glasses best matched that size.

I’m not one to drink much else besides water, so this is something important for me to focus on.  I start the day with my eight ounce glass of milk.  If it’s a day I’ll be eating cereal for breakfast (I’m also known to have a bowl of cereal during the day as a snack) then I’ll use the milk from my glass to pour over my bowl of cereal.  That way, I don’t feel like I have to chug this big ol’ glass of milk.  I end up putting most of it on my cereal and just have a couple of gulps to drink up on my own.  When that’s done, I’m already 33% of the way to having the recommended amount of calcium for my day.  Yay!  If it’s a day I don’t have cereal, then I either add some of it to my oatmeal, pour a bit into a smoothie or protein shake, or simply make myself drink the glass of milk.  Sometimes it takes me all day and that poor little glass comes in and out of the refrigerator a few times before I finish it.  But that’s okay.  At the end of the day I feel so good that I’ve gotten my calcium.

I get enough to meet that 1000mg goal because I eat lots of cheese, yogurts, broccoli, and other foods high in calcium in addition to my simple little glass of milk.

Focusing on calcium is not just important for warding off colon cancer.  For women, it is the CRUCIAL nutrient in preventing osteoporosis.  Normally people in the first half of their lives don’t focus much on osteoporosis, but I am starting to be much more conscienceous about it.  One of my grandmothers has this amazingly vibrant personality and charm, and yet is in constant pain because of bone problems.  I just think about how happy she is and yet how much happier she’d be if she didn’t have pain from bone issues.  This is something I can make small changes about now that may make big benefits for me later in life.  So drinking my daily glass of milk (and eating other good-for-me-foods) to get to my daily 1000mg is so worth it.

Bring Mae Flowers is all about progress – not perfection.  For me, this was a simple little way I could progress toward a more healthy body and life.  Got calcium?  Check!  How about you?  Do you have any good tips for sneaking in calcium?


3 thoughts on “Improving My Calcium

  1. I think its funny it takes you all day to drink the glass of milk! We grew up drinking milk with lunch and dinner, and it has always stuck with me! I hope my kids remain in the habit when they live on their own.

  2. You should look into some non-dairy sources of calcium, just learned in one of my classes that our bodies can’t absorb the calcium from dairy very well (supposedly the highest #s of women w/osteoporosis are here and in Scandinavia, where they eat a ton of dairy).

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