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Happy Friday!  Today was especially happy for me because Babe and I had date night at our favorite restaurant.

Today I’d like to share with you a favorite thing of mine that I was very hesitant to try when my husband first suggested it… Google Calendar.  Even though I wasn’t so sure about it at first, I’m telling you, it has made my life SOOOOO much easier!

Back in the days before Google Calendar we had a good ol’ paper calendar for our family calendar.  My husband used Outlook for his work meetings and such, but for every day things like appointments, parties, classes, etc. we used a write on calendar here at home.

There were many problems with this, such as making plans and forgetting to write them down when we got home, etc. but the biggest problem was that since it was kept at home, it was very inconvenient.  For example, my husband travels a lot for work and sometimes he’d call me to check our calendar for a certain date to make sure it was okay for him to travel out of town on that day, but I would inevitbably be out and about with the kiddos at the zoo or some other place and I wouldn’t be able to get him the information he needed in a timely fashion.

So Google Calendar came to the rescue.  Babe and I have one Google Calendar account and password that we share.  We set it up in about 2 seconds and we were off and running. There are a lot of features I love about it.  Here are a few off the top of my head.

1.  We can both access the calendar to view, change info, etc. from any computer.

2.  We can both access it through the free Google Calendar app on our phones to do the same.

3.  Every thing can be color coded.  (And seriously, who doesn’t LOVE color coding?!?!)  So Babe’s activities are in orange, mine are green, Bubba’s are yellow, and Birdie’s are purple.  In addition, activities that involve more than one of us are blue.

4.  It’s simple to set up repeating events, like a class that’s held every Monday at 4pm.  Set it up once, tell Google Calendar to repeat weekly and you never have to re-enter the information again.  So EASY!!  Same goes for things like birthdays – set it up as an event that “repeats yearly” and it makes it easy to keep track of those special dates.

5.  It’s portable (via our cell phones) and therefore available to us whenever we’re out and about and someone asks us about making plans which is very convenient.

6.  I can add tasks to my days too – things like “library books due” or “kids wear yellow to school today”.  This helps me immensely!  Even though these things don’t happen at a certain time each day, Google Calendar makes it easy to add a spot for this type of information to help me remember what I need to make each day run smoothly.

My only piece of advice is this.  Spend 5 minutes playing around with Google Calendar and setting it up on a computer first before you do anything with the Google Calendar app on your phones.  It’s easier to set it up inititally on a computer.  Then once you get it started, you can add/view/change/delete things from your phone without a problem.

So there you have today’s favorite thing!  If you are looking for a way to keep all your family’s day to day information organized, try this free service out by clicking here and then choosing “calendar” at the top to get started.  It has made such a difference for us, I can’t believe I was ever skeptical in the first place.

Do you use Google Calendar?

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